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I've been incrementally working my way up in complexity of my games. JetLag, CTYR, and Slide Puzzle were all small incremental steps.

Yerna Dungeon is a modestly sized project, but quite a bit more complex than the other three.

One of the first complexity adds is the sheer amount of UI tweening I am forcing myself to do. Historically, I would suddenly snap an entire screen to a new one with no transition whatsoever. Yerna Dungeon elastics and bounces in and out when you change screens.

A bigger bit of complexity is that I don't have a plan to randomly generate levels, so I needed to build a level editor.

I learned through experience to make my editor part of my game, and not have a separate editor. When they are built separately, they need to be maintained separately, and the level editor always suffers from being behind.

This also means that I need to make a bunch of levels, and it seems likely that I will need to add to the items in the dungeon, because I don't know how complex I can make a puzzle with just locks and keys.

I deliberately limited myself to locks and keys so that I could actually accomplish making the game without it exploding in scope to the point where it becomes unfinishable. The whole point of my exercise is to make the game finishable.

Oh, and if you are the type what likes source code, here you go.

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Aug 20, 2017

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