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Requires Love2D


This game is in such early access that it is not yet playable. I release it in the hopes that someone, somewhere, will decide that they like the concept and help me make levels.

Currently the editor works, and can do a limited save and load.

On windows, it saves to %APPDATA%\LOVE\YernaDungeon\level.txt in json format.

Editor Controls

The editor is, I think, pretty straightforward. You click on the icon on the right that you'd like to place, and draw with it on the left in the map. Editor is not currently dummy-proof, so will allow you to place multiple barbarians (which, in the game, will not be possible).

The Story

You are Tagon, the Barbarian, and you find yourself in Yerna Dungeon, trapped there by an Evil Wizard....

(Seriously!? That's the best you could come up with? A cliche barbarian and evil wizard?)


You are Tagon, the Barbarian, and upon coming of age face the trial of Yerna Dungeon, to prove you are brave enough to....

(A barbarian rite of passage!? PLEASE! This stinks of stereotypical b-movie thematic nonsense!)


You are a generic protagonist that looks like a barbarian because that was the icon I most liked on game-icons.net. You collect keys, open locks, and exit to the next stage for its own sake because you like puzzle games.

(At least that's honest.)

Published Aug 20, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorGrumpy GameDev


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